Pekin Hospital Recognizes Volunteers

(April 21, 2010) - Pekin Hospital recognized its volunteers at the Annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon held today at the Pekin Moose Lodge.
During 2009, hospital volunteers recorded a total of 41,362.5 hours of volunteer service. Volunteers donated 11,042. Volunteens donated 456.5 hours, and male escorts donated 9,264 hours. In addition, the Pekin Hospital League members donated 20,362.5 hours.
Forty-eight volunteers were given special recognition for their hours of service:

100 Hours – Don Benassi, Michael Cook, Rita DeSollar, Bob Ganson, Pamela Ganson, Hal Hanes, Marilyn Hasty, Michael Hodapp, Judy Krupps, Kathy Pogeman, Byron Rabb, John Ritchie, and Jackie Schoon
500 Hours – Diane Arrenholz, Millie Cordes, Mary Gardner, Keith Kells, Emma Morgan, Dennis Stoller, and Mabel Urish
1,000 Hours – Jim Busch, Dale Cook, Sharon Cook, Frank Hatton, Ann Heimer, Suzanne Hochstetler, Gene Smith, Beulah Snyder, and JohnTurnell
1,500 Hours – Bob Green, Sue Hurd, Mary Kay Lutz, Bob Morrison, and Nancy Phillips
2,000 Hours – Bill Beadles, Katherine Sheehan, and Terry Vogel
2,500 Hours – Roberta Montgomery and Phil Renner
3,000 Hours – Juanita Appleyard, Elsie Goeken, Bill Jones, and Bob Rochester
3,500 Hours – Ivagene Wheeler
4,000 Hours – Russ Patten
4,500 Hours – Lois DeGolyer
5,500 Hours – Marvin Lohnes
10,000 Hours – Nancy German

Special recognition was also given to those volunteers who donated the most hours in their division. Alicia Brackney volunteered 112.5 hours for the Pekin Hospital Volunteen Service, Bob Green volunteered 705 hours for the Pekin Hospital Escort Service, Diana Arrenholz volunteered 527.5 hours for the Pekin Hospital Volunteers, and Martha Weibring volunteered 707 hours for the Pekin Hospital League.

Anyone interested in joining Pekin Hospital's volunteer team should please call (309) 353-0204 to receive an application or visit


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