June Calendar of Events

1st Ambassadors Committee, CJ’s Café, 7:30am / 8:00am

2nd Executive Committee, Chamber Office, 4:00 pm

3rd Pekin 1st Committee, Pekin Union Mission, 7:30 am

3rd Business After Hours, NTS Telephone Company, 4:30~6:00 pm Reservations Appreciated

8th Member Services Comm., Chamber Office, 7:30 am

9th Transportation Committee, Pekin City Hall, 8:00 am

9th Board of Directors Meeting, Herget Bank, 4:00 pm

11th Puttin’ on Pekin Breakfast, Knights of Columbus Hall, 6:45 am Reservations Appreciated

16th Marigold Committee, Pekin Public Library, 6:30 pm

29th Business Advocacy Committee, Chamber Office, 7:00 am


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