Bradley Turner Center Senior Consulting Capstone

Bradley Turner Center clients and Community Partners:

There are more spots available for the Senior Consulting Capstone class for this Spring Semester. Some students registered late for class, so there's room for more projects. There's still time to apply as long as we receive applications by Noon on Tuesday, January 29th. Any business of any size may apply.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity - this program is provided at no charge.

Graduating senior students in the Foster College of Business will be your business consultants to identify and solve your problems.

Do you need assistance in creating:

·     a marketing strategy
·     a feasibility study
·     a strategic growth plan
·     or launching a new product or service

The student teams work with local small and medium sized businesses to develop a strategic plan. This plan includes:

·     an in-depth competitive analysis
·     an assessment of the organization
·     surveys/analyses of customers/potential customers
·     recommendations and a timeline

In early May, you will receive a professionally written report during the oral presentation of your student team's recommendations.

Submit application by Noon on Tuesday, January 29th.

Spring 2019 semester runs through May 7, 2019.


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