McNaughton Park Clean Up Day- Rescheduled

Friends of McNaughton Park have rescheduled the clean up day for Sunday, October 31 at 1 P.M. Yes, Halloween, so costume is optional.

Meet at the cul-de-sac or turn-around; the end of the paved road west of the disc golf course.

The primary task that day will be picking up trash along the paved road (it is approximately 1 mile long) from the entrance at Highway 98 to the cul-de-sac. However, if enough people attend, there are other areas that we could expand into.

The Park District is having a dumpster dropped at the cul-de-sac and we will have at least one shuttle vehicle transporting your collected trash bags to that dumpster. (ATV w/trailer – thanks to Mr. Brown!)

Other activities include, but are not limited to, picking up trash around the disc golf course (I know, there is a tournament elsewhere), picnic areas, cleaning up Mustang Meadow (the area west of the cul-de-sac where much trash has been gathered in the tree line), the Totem Pole Shelter, the campground, and lake/pond perimeters. Be sure to express which areas you’d like to work so I can group those with similar interests.

This event is open to everyone so please bring family, friends and neighbors along to assist in the clean up. A waiver form will be on site for everyone to sign. Bring gloves and water, long pants and long sleeves will be a good idea as well. If you have “pick sticks”, those are always work savers! Bring some trash bags if you wish (just recycle some grocery bags) or I will have bags for you.

Thank you all for being a Friend of McNaughton!!!!!


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