The Easy Way to Windows 7 (For businesses!)

If you are interested in Windows 7, but are worried about the high cost of upgrading or replacing ALL of your business computers... read this.

By now, everyone has seen commercials and read reviews about Windows 7, and most people probably know at least someone who has switched to it.

The reality is moving every computer at your company on to a new operating system is EXPENSIVE and TIME CONSUMING. Some older computers just don't have the power, and they would need to be replaced or upgraded. Even with your newer computers there is still the cost of buying an operating system upgrade (on average between $120-$220 per computer - JUST for the software!). What most business owners don't yet know is that the new Remote Desktop Hosting service in Windows 2008 R2, the newest operating system for servers from Microsoft features the same easy to use interface as Windows 7. It lets you take advantage of all of the features of Windows 7, without having to buy software or upgrade ANY of your business computer systems to Windows 7!

Think about the cost difference - Instead of upgrading or replacing dozens or hundreds of computers to take advantage of Windows 7, buy a server from Liberation Software and you'll be providing the same exact Windows 7 experience to all of your employees. No mess, no fuss. No wasted time or money trying to get older computers to work with Windows 7, no risk of older computer hardware running slow, and no need to replace older computers with new ones running Windows 7.

As a Microsoft Partner, we have been using the new server operating system for months, and all of my employees now have over 4 solid months of training specifically on Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. We took the time to learn the ins-and-outs of the newest technology, and are now in the position of being one of the best (if not the best) equipped, experienced, and competent firms in the country who can transition your network to the new Windows 7 experience. We also offer a full range of hosting services on our leased OC48 connection - the equivalent of 1600 T1 lines - for those of you who don't want an on-site server cluttering up your office or don't want to worry about managing the server yourself.

Call us to find out more and see all of the incredible things these servers are capable of, and see what Liberation Software can save you over a much less efficient and costly conventional workstation upgrade approach to Windows 7. I bet you'll be very surprised - especially considering our service starts at under $100 per user, MUCH less than the price of just the Windows 7 operating system!!

Don't wait too long, our installation spots for early 2010 are filling up FAST and we're doing all implementations on a purely first-come, first-served basis.

Contact us at (309) 282-6249 or for more info and be sure to ask about the Chamber of Commerce discount!


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