CrossFit Trilogy Looking for Event Sponsors

Dear Pekin Area Chamber of Commerce Business Owners:
My name is Megan Condis and I am a new member of the Chamber representing CrossFit Trilogy.  I met a few of you at the last “Puttin’ On Pekin” breakfast, and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the rest of you and to present you with an advertising opportunity at an event that will be held this October at the East Peoria Event Center.
On Saturday, October 6th, the Central Illinois Combat Club will be hosting Throwdown XII, an amateur mixed martial arts show that has previously been held at either the Event Center and on the Riverfront in downtown Peoria.  This event typically attracts between 1,000 and 2,000 spectators to watch the fights, eat and drink some great food, and purchase souvenirs like t-shirts and fighting gear.  CrossFit Trilogy will be one of the sponsors for the event, and we have several members who will be fighting at the show, including myself.
We are seeking additional local businesses to get involved in sponsoring the show in return for various advertising opportunities.  There are three tiers of sponsorship to consider: 

Level 1: Sponsor a Fighter!  Cost = $100
Your business logo will be featured on the shirt I wear to walkout to the cage for this and for subsequent fights.  These shirts will also be available for purchase to the public, which means that your logo will be on display throughout the community long after the event is over.

I will also display your business logo on the banner that decorates my side of the cage before my fights.  This means that it will be visible in many of the promotional photographs that are taken during the fights (for use in promoting the next event or in media coverage of the event).

Finally, I will include a mention of your business as a sponsor in any media related to my fighting career, including on my Facebook page for fans ( and in any interviews I conduct with local or Internet media sources like the one I recently had with the Morton Times-News that came out on August 15th, 2012 (it can be viewed at ) or with WMBD, which aired multiple times on Friday, August 17th  (you can see a transcription of the newscast here: 

This sponsorship arrangement will be good for three months following the date of the show, at which time all participants will be given the chance to re-evaluate the relationship.

All sponsors at this level will also receive one VIP ticket to see the fights in October (a $40 value!).

Level 2: Sponsor the Show!  Cost = $600
These sponsors will receive all the benefits of a Level 1 sponsor plus their choice of two of the following extra benefits!

Choose two (2) of the following:
1) Your business logo will be featured on the posters and fliers that we distribute to promote the fights in the weeks before the event.

2) You will be invited to set up a merchant’s booth in the lobby of the fight venue to distribute information about your business, gather information on prospective clients, and/or to sell merchandise.

3) Your business with frequently be mentioned during the course of the event by the announcer as a sponsor of the show.  You will also have the opportunity to promote your business via a “giveaway” from the ring during intermissions or between fights.  This could take the form of a drawing (a great way to gather email addresses from prospective new clients) or you could give the ring girls soft and small items like t-shirts or water bottles to throw into the crowd from the cage.

4) You will receive an additional 7 VIP tickets (one table) to give to your team in order to see the fights in October (a $300 value!).

This sponsorship arrangement will be good until the day following the show (except for the fighter sponsorship which will continue for three months after the show as described above).

Level 3: All-Star Sponsor!  Cost = $1100
All-Star sponsors get to take advantage of all the benefits of a Level 1 sponsor plus all four of the advertising and promotional opportunities that Level 2 sponsors can choose from!

This sponsorship arrangement will be good until the day following the show (except for the fighter sponsorship which will continue for six months after the show as described above).

I hope you will keep these unique advertising opportunities in mind!  If you are interested, please contact Megan Condis at 309-645-0019 or email her at by September 15th so that we can get the ball rolling.

Thank you so much for your consideration,

Megan Condis
CrossFit Trilogy


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