Gateway Foundation: Creating a New Narrative TJ Woodward

In many ways, the current treatment model is not working. Suicide rates are up, overdoses are running rampant in our culture, and relapse continues to be accepted as a "part of recovery." TJ Woodward believes we can do better. This webinar will make you dive deep into asking yourself what YOU can do differently as a clinician. 
In the current treatment paradigm, clinicians often treat symptoms without looking deeper into the root causes of addiction. They often use language that can be disempowering and create an environment in which clients remain stuck in a sense of hopelessness. Many clinicians have been trained to diagnose and treat, which is useful, at some level. They also sometimes look at our clients through the lens of "brokenness" rather than holding a space for them to access their inner-wisdom and heal from multiple layers of unresolved trauma, spiritual disconnection, and toxic shame.

It is time to shift the conversation from addiction treatment to addiction healing.


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