CASA Par 3 Challenge

Many thanks for another successful
Par 3 Challenge & $1Million Hole in One Shootout!
Together we are making a difference
in the lives of children!

Par 3 Scramble
·     1st Place - KB Elliott Financial Advisors (-11): Jeff Doeden, Kyle Portugal, Bill Ott, Mark Greskoviak
·     2nd Place - Prairie Home Alliance (-10): Steve Jackson, J.R. Runkel, Kevin Pogue, Tadd Vonachen
·     3rd Place - Lynch Aluminum (-9): Ken Lynch, Corey Lynch, Jason Lynch, Matt Lynch

Putting Game
·     1st Place - Connor Co. (19 aces): Stan Collins, Tucker Kennedy, Chad Whittington, Sam Hoerr
·     2nd Place - Lynch Aluminum (15 aces): Ken Lynch, Corey Lynch, Jason Lynch, Matt Lynch

Hole in One Shootout
·     Closest to Pin: Kyle Portugal 20' 7"
·     2nd Closest to Pin: Kevin Pogue 31'

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