Accounting Bookkeeper Program at Illinois Central College

We are writing to announce the launch of a new Accounting Bookkeeper Program at Illinois Central College:

The certificate program is 32 semester hours and prepares students for a career as a bookkeeper or accounting assistant. It will cover financial, managerial, payroll, and tax accounting, along with a course that focuses on the use of Microsoft Excel and Access. The program concludes with two courses - Accounting using QuickBooks and a Bookkeeping Capstone course that will prepare you to take the Certified Bookkeeper Exam. 

We have presented this program to our Accounting Advisory Board, made up of local employers in the field, and not only have they approved of the program, they believe a graduate of this program who passes the certified bookkeeper exam would be just as valuable as someone with an associate's degree. Students will walk out of this program with a marketable credential. 

We have pre-scheduled the required courses. Courses will be offered on Tuesday and Thursday nights at the East Peoria campus. For a student who starts in the Spring 2018 semester, the schedule would look like this:

Spring 2018:
BUS 110 - Introduction to Business
ACCTG 105 - Bookkeeping

Summer 2018:
ACCTG 120 – Financial Accounting

Fall 2018:
ACCTG 113 – Tax Accounting
ACCTG 121 – Managerial Accounting

Spring 2019:
ACCTG 211 – Accounting Using Spreadsheets and Database Software
ACCTG 115 – Payroll Accounting

Summer 2019:
Comm 110 – Introduction to Communication: Presentation and Theory

Fall 2019:
ACCTG 216 – Bookkeeping Capstone
ACCTG 108 – Accounting Using Quickbooks

Students who enroll in this program in the Spring 2018 semester would take two classes in the spring, one in the summer, and two in the fall in both 2018 and 2019​. In summary, by committing to two nights a week, you will be done in just 24 months. We hope this schedule will allow students to better plan their work, life, and school responsibilities in order to be successful. Additionally, two full-time faculty members will be monitoring student progress throughout the program, notifying students of potential job opportunities, and answering student questions.

If you have employees who might be interested in this program or if you have any questions, or want to talk with someone about this, please feel free to respond to this email or call the ICC Business, Legal, and Information Systems office at 694-5558.


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