Thursday, January 21, 2010

Methodist Offers Online Access to Methodist Medical Group Physicians

(January 21, 2010)--Patients of Methodist Medical Group Physicians can now use “e-Visits” for non-urgent medical consultations with their doctors. By utilizing MyMethodist eHealth, patients can communicate directly with their Methodist Medical Group physician and receive a reply within eight business hours.

MyMethodist eHealth is a free online tool that allows patients and their Methodist physicians to communicate about non-urgent healthcare matters any time and anywhere, as long as there is Internet access. By using My Methodist eHealth, patients are able to manage health records, consult physicians regarding symptoms or non-urgent health matters (e-Visits), request prescription renewals or lab results, schedule appointments and request referrals.

The “e-Visit” is the latest addition to the MyMethodist eHealth program. The “e-Visit” is a convenient way to “see” your doctor for non-urgent medical concerns. Instead of calling the doctor’s office and taking time off work for an appointment, patients can log onto the secure eHealth portal. The quick online interview allows the doctor to respond to patient concerns through MyMethodist eHealth, or determine if the patient needs to schedule an office visit for further follow-up.

Unlike email, MyMethodist eHealth messages use secure technology that only allows access by the patient, the physician and the physicians’ authorized staff.

There is no charge for routine communications such as appointment requests, lab results and medication refill requests. However, there is a $35 dollar charge for seeking treatment or medical advice through the “e-Visits.”
The $35 charge is covered by some but not all insurance programs. To start, go to and select “register as a new user.”

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