Friday, January 8, 2010

Methodist Medical Center Achieves “Caregiver Safety Accreditation”

January 7, 2010—Methodist Medical Center has achieved its annual Caregiver Safety Accreditation. This coveted recognition is based on the implementation of a workplace safety training and accountability system. Accreditation is certified by the Caregiver Safety Society, which annually audits member hospitals for compliance with its stringent safety standards.

Top management at Methodist has created a caring environment that placed high value on protecting employees’ long term physical capabilities.

Caregiver Safety Accreditation focuses on patient transfers and patient lifting, which are the leading causes of hospital employee injury nationwide. Training in safe lifting techniques is a proactive step toward preventing these injuries. All nurses must demonstrate hands-on patient lifting proficiency through training and testing done at the time of hiring and at annually repeated retraining.
National safety studies indicate that hospitals that provide safe working environments also provide safer patient environments. Caregiver Safety Accreditation, while focused on hospital employee safety, naturally enhances patient safety.

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