Friday, January 22, 2010

The Community Foundation of Central Illinois Encourages Donor Contributions for Earthquake Relief Efforts in Haiti

The Community Foundation of Central Illinois (CFCI) will work with current and new donors dedicated to funding relief efforts in Haiti after last week's devastating earthquake. Mark Roberts, CFCI's CEO, stated "the Community Foundation of Central Illinois encourages new and current fund holders to donate to the earthquake relief effort of their choice. In an effort to assist our fund holders, CFCI has temporarily waived the 60-day waiting period for new Depository contributions that are intended for distribution to Haiti disaster relief." CFCI also invites current donor-advised fund holders to contact the Foundation to recommend a grant in support of this important effort. CFCI will work diligently to provide rapid distribution of charitable support to those in need. All distributions must be made to qualified 501(c) 3 organizations. New and existing donors are encouraged to contact the Community Foundation of Central Illinois at 309-674-8730 for more information or to make their contribution to Haiti's relief efforts.

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