Thursday, July 9, 2009

Methodist Orders Low Radiation CT Scanner

Methodist Medical Center is adding a new high-definition CT scanner that will produce clearer images while reducing the amount of radiation used in the scan. Michael Namanny, Medical Imaging Director for Methodist, said, “We expect delivery of this newly developed GE Computed Tomography (CT) within a month. CT uses X-rays to produce pictures that allow physicians to look inside a patient for early warnings of cancer, heart disease and other problems. Historically, higher quality images have been achieved by using higher doses of radiation.”

New research studies have posed concerns over the increasing use of Computed Tomography and nuclear medicine screenings. Some studies have suggested that patients may be receiving frequent scans that may increase their risk of cancer.

Namanny said Methodist purchased the high-tech scanner as a means to improve patient care by addressing concerns over increased radiation exposure without lowering the quality of the images. The new CT system advances image quality through increased resolution, lower x-ray dose, and innovative applications.

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