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Exactly How Many Spudnuts Does Tadough’s Make a Day?

Tadough's Kitchen Managers Scott and Kevin help produce over 3,000 donuts a day.
Feat: Tadough's Kitchen Managers Scott and Kevin

Pekin, IL- By now you’ve seen the re-branding of our beloved Pekin classic: the spudnut. Taking place last March, the rebranding to “Tadough’s” sparked some big questions about Central Illinois’ favorite potato flour-based donut and the future of its legendary legacy.

 Here’s when Jacqueline and Rick enter the spudnut story.

 Last March Jacqueline saw opportunity when she heard the business was up for sale. An original Pekinite, Jacqueline and her father Rick are committed to maintaining the Pekin icon and want to bring a long-standing household name into the next generation of business development.

 “We’ve more than doubled our production of donuts made daily,” says Jacqueline. While the business has historically been known to sell out as early as 6:00 and 7:00 a.m., Jacqueline and Rick aim to keep doors open until 10:00 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

 Rick, current Pekinite and the store’s day-to-day operations manager, orders about 800 lbs of flour to produce the store’s near 72,000 donuts and pastries made every month. Tadough’s produces as many as 300 dozen donuts and pastries a day, many stemming from the new online pre-ordering system.

 All these items are made by a staff of about three people on average. Calling themselves a skeleton crew, they clock-in during the afternoon and finish production just after midnight most days. From dough creation to deep frying and frosting, each of Tadough’s delightful delicacies is made from scratch with the original 60-year-old secret recipe.

Under the Tadough’s name, the storefront now accepts credit and debit cards for the first time. They also partner with local schools and non-for-profits to create pre-order fundraising events.

 While Jacqueline and Rick will always offer the classic spudnut, they’re working to expand menu offerings. Currently, you can order a gluten-free donut (not certified) that mimics the original recipe. They also have branched out to offer new toppings like Heath toffee crumbles, Twix candy pieces and more.

If you ask Jacqueline though, all you really need in life is an original, glazed spudnut, warmed up for just a few seconds in the microwave.

Jacqueline hopes to one day broaden the menu and offer a light lunch menu while continuing to offer spudnuts in the afternoons. Under the Tadough’s name, additional stores can start up in other areas, bringing the Pekin name across the country.

 In the meantime, you can order the best donuts in Central Illinois from their new, online ordering system right hereà https://www.tadoughs.com/

Have questions? Want to create a fundraising pre-order? Reach out on Facebook and Instagram with handle @Tadoughs or email hello@tadoughs.com. Tadough’s is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Don’t miss their #PekinRestaurantWeek pre-order sale February 7th -11th, start following Tadough’s on social media today!


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