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We know that these are uneasy times and that the recent public health focused decisions that all levels of government have taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19 are necessary. At the same time, these decisions can also cause anxiety, concern and overall feelings of isolation within our communities . 

The addiction treatment community has faced difficult times before, and has done so, working together. At Gateway Foundation we want you to rest assured that we will be taking care of our collective patients and are also here for you – our partners in this. 

This communication is to check in on you, and let you know that we are here for you. If you want to connect, talk, or meet virtually we can make this happen. As we are asked to isolate, it is so important to find other ways to connect and support one another.

Attached is a list of our Outreach team members and their phone numbers if you would like to talk. If you reply to this email, we will send you updates and times of our webinars to stay connected as a community, share ideas and resources and support each other as best we can.

Gateway Foundation has served this community for over 52 years and will continue to be there for you in good times, and challenging times. Please stay safe and healthy, and know that we will get through this together.

Stay in Touch With Gateway Foundation's
Outreach Team

Contact Us Today!

Amy Smith
P: 847-227-7356 | E:
Shelley Reimann
P: 847-785-9755 | E:
Robert Domino
P: 773-360-4586 | E:
Gloria Bloodsaw
P: 312-285-3132 | E:
Sandra Beecher
P: 309-296-3053 | E:
Mindy Melton
P: 217-685-4197 | E:
Debbie Kuhns
P: 217-281-1540 | E:
Andy Greer
P: 618-559-2378 | E:
Clint Hamel
P: 618-345-3970 | E:
Michelle Wimberly
P: 773-798-3764 | E:
Jennifer Fuja
P: 224-412-0507 | E:
Scott Janson
P: 773-241-2152 | E:
Ida Westlove (Fluent in Spanish)
P: 773-318-6201 | E:


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