Safe Roads Amendment

This November Illinoisans have a chance to change the direction of our state. On Election Day you’ll be able to VOTE YES on the Safe Roads Amendment, a proposed addition to the Illinois Constitution. This amendment creates no new taxes. The Safe Roads Amendment only requires our Illinois government to invest existing transportation taxes and fees on transportation projects and programs. 

Illinois is at the center of the North American transportation network. We travel over 103 billion miles a year on America's third longest inventory of roads. Within our borders we possess the third largest transit system, the second largest rail network, the eighth most navigable waterway, and we are a leader in passenger and cargo air travel.

To keep these systems running Illinois needs to invest billions into our existing transportation infrastructure over the next 25 years. However, since 2003 over $6.8 billion collected by the state of Illinois through gas taxes and vehicle registrations has been swept by our elected officials and used for other purposes. This has eroded the public trust while threatening Illinois’ ability to move people and materials safely and efficiently.

If this referendum does not pass in November, policy makers will continue to have the ability to divert billions of dollars away from where they need to be spent. A diverse group of organizations from across Illinois have come out in support of this amendment, including the Board of Directors of the Pekin Area Chamber of Commerce. For more information, please visit


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