PCHS School-to-Work Job Training Program

PCHS wants to work with businesses to develop a training program that fits company needs and supports student employment for the 2016-2017 school year.

Example Agreement between a business and PCHS.

Phase 1-Try Out Period
  • Student interns on jobsite for up to 10 hours per week
  • PCHS Job Coach is present to provide onsite job support for student
  • Compensation is determined by employer and PCHS staff
  • Progress will be evaluated by job coach and the employer
  • After 45 days, a conference between employer, job coach, and student will determine if
    student moves forward to Phase 2
Phase 2-Training Period
  • Student will establish more independence on jobsite
  • PCHS Job Coach is present to provide onsite job support for student as needed
  • Compensation is determined by employer and PCHS staff
  • Work evaluations will determine if the student is working at a competitive rate. If the
    student is working at a competitive rate, they will move to Phase 3.
  • Training Period may last 9 to 18 weeks
Phase 3-Employment Period
  • Work hours will be determined through a conference between the employer, student,
    and job coach to fulfill jobsite needs during or after school hours
  • Student will receive at or above minimum wage and be employed by the business
  • PCHS will continue to provide job coaching as needed during school hours, transportation during school hours, and conduct evaluations
For more information please contact: Mrs. Libbi Hill,Teacher: lhill@pekinhigh.net or (309) 3474101
Ext. 6313

What are some of the tasks student employees could be assigned as part of their job?
  • Maintenance/Lawn Care
  • Mailroom Work (sorting/stuffing)
  • Filing Mail Delivery
  • Keyboarding - Basic WORD Tasks
  • Office Greeting/Information Desk Support
  • Shredding
  • Lunchroom Cleaning (washing tables, washing dishes, mopping floors)
  • Kitchen Work (Food Prep, Stocking Salad Bar, Refill Snack Area)
  • (These are just some examples of tasks students can be assigned to)
When will student employees be able to start working?
September 1st; Work Supervision student can work (1:30-3:00); The students will follow the PCHS schedule in terms of breaks and holidays.

Will there be options for evening employment?
After school hours could be established after the training and application process is complete. This would encourage longevity and reduce turnover.

How will student employees get to and from the office?
During the school day, PCHS will provide transportation for both the student and the job coach. If the position continues on for the year and extends outside of the school day, it would be up to the student to provide their own transportation.

How will student employees be supervised?
PCHS will provide Job Coaches who will support daily tasks. This will include verbally and/or physically prompting the student employee and assisting the student in social interactions with other employees and supervisors.

How will student employees be evaluated?
The Job Coach and/or Work Supervision teachers will communicate with the employer to provide feedback to student about progress.

Who are the contact people for the PCHS School-to-Work Job Training Program?
Mrs. Libbi Hill, teacher:  lhill@pekinhigh.net


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