A Brand New Day for Dynegy

August 2, 2016

Today is a milestone in Dynegy’s history. We unveiled a new brand today in recognition of how far the Company has come and where we are headed. Dynegy is a much different company today—a Company that is moving forward and upward and one that believes transparency and reliability are at the heart of our dynamic energy company.

A new brand to reflect our Company
The brand, which features a bird on a soaring trajectory under a boundless sky, is also a “D” monogram that represents the Company’s strength and reliability you can count on when needed.

The brand has changed because Dynegy has changed
Just as Dynegy’s core business is to transform a fuel source into energy and sell that energy, Dynegy has also been transformed over the years. We have changed and grown in many important ways:
  • We will soon employ more than 3,600 people across the country—mostly in Illinois, Ohio, Texas and across the Northeast.
  • We own generating plants capable of generating enough electricity to power 30 million homes.
  • We have new retail electricity businesses in Illinois and Ohio that serve nearly one million residential customers and 38,000 commercials, industrial and municipal customers.
Some things never chagne
We remain Dynegy. Dynegy stands for dynamic energy and we remain dynamic and unsatisfied with “good enough.” Our name is built on being dynamic as are our people – it is part of our DNA. We are never satisfied with “good enough” and we will always change and work harder to better serve our customers and our employees and the communities where we do business.

We remain responsible and transparent. To us, transparency is about always doing what is right and holding ourselves accountable to our stakeholders. While our business may be complex, there is nothing complex about honesty.

We remain committed to powering our communities. Dynegy provides high-quality jobs that sustain families and grow thriving communities. We respect the environment and make investments to reduce our impact.

I hope you share my enthusiasm for our new brand and agree that it represents both who we are today and who we want to be in the future. We look forward to our continued relationship with you. Please explore more about who Dynegy is today at our new website, www.dynegy.com.


Bob Flexon
President and CEO


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