Monday, February 1, 2016

Beachbody Super Saturday

Independent Beachbody Coach, Teresa Mack and several members of her Team of Coaches, the “#CrushingCoaches”, recently attended a Beachbody Super Saturday event in Bloomingdale, Illinois.    
Teresa and her Team had the opportunity to attend a “Meet & Greet” with Beachbody’s CEO, Carl Daikeler and 21 Day Fix Celebrity Trainer, Autumn Calabrese.  
The Super Saturday was hosted by the Chicago Market Council.
Team #CrushingCoaches includes the following Coaches:  Teresa Mack, Jeany Righi, Julie Antonini, Linda Ten Haken, Bill Calvert, Melida Heien, Lisa Strobridge, Bridgette Angelo, Cody Salem, Blake Bussell, Ashley Antonini, Stacy Bolen, Dawn Depeugh, Cathy Geier, Grace Friederich, Kristi Lawson, Jill Cagle, Teri Gregory, Jolene McQuade, Derek Shepler, Angela Arnold, Annette Byrd Davis, Jillian Thomas, Abby Ten Haken, Corwin Ten Haken, and Cheryl Ricca. 
Pictured from left to right are:  Shirley Bonnom, Linda Ten Haken, Cheryl Ricca, Teresa Mack, Julie Antonini, & Jeany Righi. 

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