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At AAIM, we strive to provide high quality, relevant training programs that can enhance both you and your business. This one day event will provide you the opportunity to not only participate and learn on four topics of your choice, but it will provide insight into what else AAIM has to offer in the Training/ Organizational Development arena. We hope you find these programs interesting and engaging.

Select Any 4 of These 8 Great Courses

LEGO Serious Play is an innovative, experiential process designed to enhance business performance. This is a proven meeting, communication, and problem-solving methodology in which each participant builds his or her own three-dimensional LEGO model in response to the facilitator's questions.
* 95% Share 
We learn best by example, by sight, by sound, and especially by first-hand experience.  When we are immersed and absorbed in the learning experience - seeing the creativity, experiencing differentiation, and engaging in fun - the lessons and concepts are better absorbed and more likely to be put into action. This workshop will provide insights into that learning environment through a series of scenarios.
* Leading Change 
While most people and organizations enjoy stability and constants; change is an inescapable fact in our lives.  And with that, most people find change threatening and resist it; even positive change.  This workshop is designed to help you know the strategies and techniques that can reduce resistance to change and increase the chances of success for you and your team.
* Negotiating
Professional negotiation is not about beating the other side.  It is about finding a positive winning solution that works long-term for you and those with whom you negotiate.  This workshop will show you how to set aside those stereotypical negotiation tactics and develop new skills using an approach that encourages both sides to build a lasting business relationship. 
* The High EQ Leader
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to recognize and understand the feelings and emotional reactions in one's self and others, then use that information to build better relationships. Ultimately, better relationships translate into better workplaces and more effective organizational performance. This workshop will help you learn more about the components of EQ as a way to increase your leadership skills. 
* Project Management Fundamentals
Project management is the practice of applying general management skills and supporting disciplines to organize and deploy resources in a way that effectively accomplishes project objectives. The techniques presented in this workshop will provide project managers and practitioners with an approach to developing a project plan.
* Personal Productivity
Sharing information with your team is one of the key responsibilities of a people manager.  Everyone can do their job better when all team members are kept informed of priorities, processes, key objectives, and information necessary to their role.  Being 'in-the-know' also contributes to an employee's feeling of being valued and appreciated. This workshop will provide some key skills to put into practice.  
* Assertive Communication Skills 
To be successful in today's challenging workplace, you must be able to speak up, be taken seriously, and not offend others. Whether you are passive or aggressive, this workshop will help you work on building confidence and get your point across without being pushy and overbearing. 

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Tuesday, September 22
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Par-A-Dice Hotel & Casino 21 Blackjack Blvd
East Peoria, IL 61611

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