Champion Fitness Updates

2015 has gotten off to a flying start here at Champion Fitness Physical Therapy---lots going on and much more to follow. What's inside this issue:
  • Two New Clinics Added to Champion Family
  • Streator Patient Recovers from Lawn-mower Accident
  • How Long Should I Go to my Therapy?
  • Meet New Champion Personnel
  • A Few Health/Fitness Tidbits You May Not Know
  • Irish recipe Just in time for St. Patrick's Day
Something for everybody!

Did You Hear the Story About the Lady and the Lawn Mower?
   Strange Accident Leads to Challenging Rehab

 It's not everyday that someone gets run over by a  lawn mower. Even rarer that the person gets run  over twice. And still even rarer that the individual  doesn't lose a foot or maybe even a leg in the  incident.
 Follow Julie Ramza's unique story from last fall in  Streator and how the Champion team helped her in  her rehab. 

Read on!     


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