Thursday, October 4, 2012

Welcome New Member: Harsco

Harsco, 13090 E. Manito Road, Pekin, IL  61554;  (309) 347-1962; fax 347-4127;, or www.harsco-m.comTerry Marcordes, Plant Supervisor.  Green from the Start:  Harsco (Reed Minerals division) is an industry pioneer in the processing of mineral products for environmentally beneficial uses.  Minimizing the environmental impact and capturing value from coal combustion by-products has been a core service and technology focus since the 1930’s, making Harsco one of America’s first green companies.  Our value added service to utility producers, provides a solution to site waste removal, material handling, and cost reduction by engineering “green” uses for the abrasives and roofing marketplaces, both of which are sold under the well-known BLACK BEAUTY® brand name. Harsco’s coal aggregate is also used for commercial structural fill, waste water filtration, anti-skid, and mine grout.  (NYSE: HSC)

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