ICPR Family Practice Enhances Diabetes Program with iPro

Although Illinois Centers for Pain and Rehab (ICPR) Family Practice has been treating diabetic patients for years, Dr. Volkan Sumer and his staff are strengthening their diabetes program with the new iPro™ Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), which offers patients a more effective, comfortable way of monitoring glucose levels.
Easy to wear and use, the iPro CGM is a tiny glucose sensor that is easily inserted under the skin in a virtually painless process. The sensor captures glucose levels whether working, playing or sleeping and is fully immersible, so patients can wear it even while bathing or swimming. The continuous monitoring helps provide more accurate assessments which ultimately affect therapy and blood sugar control.

“The sensor gives us an even better picture of patients’ glycemic patterns by testing glucose levels continuously for three days,” Dr. Sumer said. “It’s about the size of a quarter and lies flat against the body so that patients can go about their days normally, without pinpricks or interruption.”

The iPro CGM helps to:

·         Reveal low- and high-glucose trends not tracked by fingersticks and A1C testing alone;

·         Discover new insights to fine-tune therapy and improve glucose control;

·         Reduce A1C level and bring it closer to the American Diabetes Association target of 7 percent or less;

·         Lower long-term risks of eye, kidney, nerve and heart disease.

ICPR Family Practice, located at 1491 Valle Vista in Pekin, offers a complete diabetic program to help patients manage their disease and live longer, healthier lives by controlling diabetic highs and lows. The staff also offers educational classes to teach techniques like carb counting and discovering how certain foods can affect blood sugar. To find out more, visit icpronline.com or call (309) 347-ICPR (4277).


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