Tuesday, January 14, 2020

2020 R. David Tebben Community Leadership Academy Week 2: City of Pekin & What is Leadership

Police Chief John Dossey, Fire Chief Kurt Nelson, City of Pekin Mayor Mark Luft, and City Manager Mark Rothert spoke to the 2020 Leadership Class this morning regarding their respective roles in the community. Each representative shared information both challenging and rewarding from their departments. Participants in the Academy were very interactive with questions for each department head and left with a better understanding of our city government structure. City Manager Mark Rothert ended the class this morning by recommending two books he has found valuable; Good to Great by James Collins and The Servant by James C. Hunter. We thank Todd Dugan from the Pekin Municipal Airport for facilitating the class today. 


January 16th, Nathan Thomas from Bradley stopped by with his Helium Hula Hoops to discuss "What is Leadership". Nathan always brings a great perspective on the definition of leadership each year and we are glad to welcome him back!
photos available here

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