Debunking Popular Myths About Alcohol

Know the truth behind the myth
MYTH: You don’t have a drinking problem if you don’t drink every night.
FACT: Alcohol addiction is not all-or-nothing. It is a disorder with many different levels – ranging from mild to moderate to severe.

MYTH: Alcohol addiction is a moral failing.
FACT: Addiction is a disease that often requires treatment.

MYTH: Adolescents who drink at a younger age are less likely to drink excessively when they get older.
FACT: Adolescents who start drinking before the age of 15 are four times more likely to meet the criteria for alcohol dependence at some point in their lives than those that wait until they are 21.

MYTH: Alcohol consumption isn’t dangerous for adolescents.
FACT: Alcohol use, particularly in excessive amounts, poses many risks to health and can have significant effects, both on physical and mental health.

MYTH: It’s easy for people to stop drinking.
FACT: Alcohol withdrawal can be deadly.

MYTH: Alcohol kills brain cells.
FACT: While alcohol does not kill your brain cells, the repeated use of alcohol does affect functions in the brain, such as impaired memory and thinking ability.

MYTH: Alcohol helps you sleep better.
FACT: While alcohol may initially help you fall asleep, alcohol makes it difficult for you to remain in deep sleep, interfering with the quality of your sleep.

MYTH: People with alcohol use disorders will never be able to recover from their addiction.
FACT: Recovery is possible

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Gateway's professional clinicians help thousands of individuals successfully complete treatment by developing a personalized plan that treats the underlying causes of substance abuse—not just addiction to drugs or alcohol.

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