Women business owners dedicated to helping each other, informing, and serving Pekin and the surrounding communities

Sex sells. What sells even more? Insecurity. Multi-billion dollar industries saturate our lives with images of unattainable beauty, exporting body hatred from New York to Beirut to Tokyo. Their target? Women, and increasingly men and children. The Illusionists exposes the absurd, sometimes humorous, and shocking images that seek to enslave us. This documentary about the globalization of beauty, is an internationally acclaimed film. Elena Rossini, the filmmaker, is also a photographer, multimedia producer, director and blogger. Elena worked as a writer, producer, cinematographer and director on The Illusionists, which explores the marketing of unattainable beauty ideals around the world. The film was financed through a crowdfunding campaign, amassing donations from over 360 individuals; filming locations include the U.S., U.K., the Netherlands, France, Italy, Lebanon, India and Japan.

There will be two screenings offered on June 22, 2017 at 10 am and at 6 pm. The Screenings will be held at The Mansion on Walnut, 420 Walnut St, Pekin. “We are very excited to offer this free event to the community because we believe that current false, distorted view of beauty causes great unhappiness for many. It is only through educated eyes and minds that we can again begin to appreciate true beauty in ourselves and others. Watching this powerful documentary as a group and discussing it together afterwards definitely impacts how you define beauty,” says Bonnie Harken, owner of The Mansion on Walnut.

The group of women who own businesses in Pekin are sponsoring this public service event in June. Participating in the group are: Kellie Branch-Dircks LCSW, EZ Dreamin’ Therapeutic Equine Assisted Counseling Services; Kim Brooks-Miller, owner of Your Story Confidential.com; Karen Watson, LCSW; and Bonnie Harken, Crossroads Programs for Women and owner of The Mansion on Walnut. Their common bond is that they are mental health service providers and they each have a passion and commitment to their businesses and the Pekin Community. It is their belief that a group of women committed to helping others can impact a community when they join together to promote their services and serve the needs of their community.

As business owners, they are proud to offer this screening. “Many of the services we offer are usually only available in larger communities but we are committed to providing them right here in Pekin! Our purpose is to encourage residents of Pekin and surrounding communities to look to Pekin first!”

For more information: Bonnie Harken 309-353-3614 bresourceful@earthlink.net


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