Hopedale Medical Complex

Hopedale Medical Complex is proud to be a central part of the surrounding communities we serve. Since Hopedale Hospital first opened its doors in 1955, our patients and residents have come to expect exceptional medical care and personal attention.

 Hopedale Medical Complex, however, is more than just a hospital. Our staff renders thousands of volunteer hours every year to a variety of causes throughout the area. Our management, physicians, and staff give back to the community through charitable contributions and donated services.

 Hopedale Medical Complex is dedicated to being a part of the community. Whether its free health screenings, scholarships, financial assistance, community newsletters, or charity, we are here for the community.

 HMC would love to come help your business and community organizations.  If you would like more information on HMC community services, educational speaking opportunities, or to have HMC be a part of your event, please contact Amber Bernshausen at 309-449-4284.


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