Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mackinaw Valley Vineyard Holiday Wines, Beers and Gift Shopping

November 21, 22 and 23 from 11am to 6pm right on time for Thanksgiving and your Holiday Dinner Shopping we are having a holiday Wine and Beer sale on our Mackinaw Valley  Wines, Non- Mackinaw Wines and Specialty and Craft beers. The Non-Mackinaw Valley Red Wines will be $14 these three days only (original price $22) and the Non- Mackinaw White Wines will all be $9 these three days only (original price $15). Certain selected wines will be discounted even more and there will be specials throughout the three days! Mackinaw Valley Vineyard Wines will be discounted at 5% for 6-11 bottles and 10% for one case (12 bottles) and 20% for two cases(24 bottles) or more. All Specialty and Craft Beers will be $1 a bottle these three days only. These prices on wines and beers are for take home purchases only.   We will have complimentary desserts and some holiday punches and wine mixers to sample during our special  3 day shopping event and please bring in the coupon at the bottom of this page for a 25% discount on one gift shop item per day per person during our three day sale.  

**To receive a free Mackinaw Valley Vineyard logo glass bring unused prescription eye glasses for donation to the Lions Club or canned food items for donation to the South Side Mission Food Pantry. (one glass per person). 

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