Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grow Your Park!

The Pekin Park District recently received the "Grow Your Park" grant,  through a foundation associated with National Park and Recreation Association. Beth Wegner (aka Flower Child), a great instructor of many different nature based programs at Soldwedel, has designed an award winning lesson plan for children and families to teach them how-to-garden, proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles.
     The themed gardens are uniquely designed with interactive learning opportunities, and surround the grounds at Soldwedel.
     So the children can begin planting soon, your assistance in readying the gardens is appreciated. This Saturday at 9am, please join us to roto-til the areas, mix and spread soils.
    Next Saturday, May 14, 9am, we'll continue construction with setting lots of poles and deer deterrent fencing. 

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