Second Treatment Site Opens for Tomotherapy

Cancer patients in Central Illinois now have two locations to access one of the worlds most advanced cancer treatment systems.

The new location, 7309 N. Knoxville Avenue, was developed jointly between Methodist Medical Center and Midwest Urological Group. Treatment focus at the second radiation site will be on prostate cancer patients along with other cancers.

Known as TomoTherapy, the new treatment system has been available at Methodist Medical Center since January, 2008. An open house for community leaders and the public is scheduled at the new location September 17, 2009 from 10 a.m. until noon.

TomoTherapy is the first system to combine the precision and 3-D imaging of a CT (computerized tomography) scan with the power of high-energy radiation treatment. With TomoTherapy, physicians are able to selectively destroy cancerous tumors while avoiding surrounding tissue. This means more of the healthy tissue in a cancer patient is spared.

Dr. Roby Lal, Radiation Oncologist at Methodist, said, “Since Methodist first opened the in-house TomoTherapy unit last year, we’re seeing significant success with our patients. Fewer side effects allow us to escalate the treatment dosage and have better patient outcomes.” Dr. Lal said the addition of the second TomoTherapy location will significantly increase our outreach in the community and allow additional access to this groundbreaking treatment.”

While the TomoTherapy system is not for every cancer patient, it does provide new treatment options for cancer patients diagnosed with previously untreatable tumors. People with tumors in difficult-to-treat areas such as the spine, lung, throat or upper abdomen now have the option of the new TomoTherapy system because of its pinpoint accuracy.

TomoTherapy is FDA approved and is covered by most insurance plans. For additional information contact ….

Bryan Zowin Michael Namanny
Executive Director Director of Pharmacy and Medical Imaging
Peoria Radiation Therapy Services or Methodist Medical Center
7309 N. Knoxville Ave. 221 NE Glen Oak
Peoria, IL 61614 Peoria, Illinois 61636-0002
(309) 453-9484 (309) 672-5659


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