Rail Labor Dispute Threatens the National Economy



Rail Labor Dispute Threatens the National Economy


The nation is on the precipice of economic disaster as we move full speed ahead to a nationwide rail shutdown that could begin as early as next week. 

Why it matters: A stoppage of rail service for any duration would be extremely damaging to American families and our economy. 


•    Thousands of workers will face immediate furlough in factories across the country without the materials they need to do their jobs.

•    A rail stoppage would immediately lead to supply shortages and higher prices. 

•    The cessation of Amtrak and commuter rail services would disrupt up to 7 million travelers a day. 

•    Many businesses would see their sales disrupted right in the middle of the critical holiday shopping season. 

•    The American agricultural community could see disruptions in transporting 6,300 carloads of food and farm products that are carried by rail daily.

Take Action: Tell Congress to act now and prevent a national rail strike. Congress must intervene before the end of the current “status quo” period on Friday, December 9, 2022 to protect our critical infrastructure and ensure continued rail service.



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