Gateway Foundation: Impact of Substance Abuse on Relationships

Relationship status and substance abuse
Our work touches more than just the lives of our patients, it impacts the lives of their loved ones. One of the many examples is Debbie, who has been engaged in the recovery community after her son successfully completed treatment at Gateway Foundation.

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In addition to health, financial and legal consequences, substance use can also fracture relationships. Addiction takes a toll on more than just the person with the substance use disorder. In many cases, families and loved ones of the individual are also negatively impacted.

Addiction is isolating for those struggling with it and their loved ones, but Gateway Foundation is here to make sure no one has to overcome it alone. Our skilled staff specialize in substance use treatment for men, womenadolescents and patients with co-occurring substance use disorders. Our specialized treatment programs also include support for families and loved ones. We treat more than just the symptoms of addiction – we treat the whole person, which is why during treatment we take families and loved ones into consideration.

Our treatment programs engage families in educational and therapeutic services to support their loved one’s recovery. Through educational programming, families and loved ones can learn about the disease of addiction, family dynamics and ways to build a supportive relationship. Weekly visitation, recovery support education and family counseling sessions ensure each person touched by addiction has the greatest chance of a successful outcome.

About Gateway Foundation
Since 1968 our goal has been straightforward: to help clients get their life back on track and achieve a life of sobriety, free from drug use and symptoms of mental illness, that is productive, socially responsible and healthy. Gateway Foundation is the largest nonprofit treatment provider in the country that specializes in the treatment of substance use disorders, providing treatment for men, women, adolescents and clients diagnosed with co-occurring mental health disorders.

Gateway's professional clinicians help thousands of individuals successfully complete treatment by developing a personalized plan that treats the underlying causes of substance abuse—not just addiction to drugs or alcohol.

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