Thursday, December 6, 2018

Gateway Foundation: Know The Signs of Substance Use

Addiction is a family disease
Substance use disorders are one of the deadliest public health concerns facing the country today, with overdoses being the leading cause of death for individuals under 50. Over 21 million people currently have a substance use disorder and millions more are affected by a loved one’s addiction. The harmful effects of alcohol or drug use can have devastating consequences on every aspect of an individual’s life. Substance use can result in legal troubles, family problems, financial hardships, long-lasting health problems and loss of life.

Even though addiction is far more common than many realize, it is a disease that can be hard to distinguish.

The signs of a substance use disorder vary because the effects are unique to each substance. However, there are common behaviors and signs to look for: 
  • ​​​Loss of interest in hobbies and activities
  • Legal troubles
  • Decline in personal appearance and/or personal grooming habits
  • Poor decision-making
  • Euphoria (highs) or depression (lows)
  • Health problems
  • Unexplained change in personality or attitude
  • Appearing lethargic and lacking motivation
  • Change in behavior or personality
  • Unresponsiveness to communication
  • Sudden mood swings
At Gateway Foundation, we understand addiction is a complex disease that affects the brain and requires treatment. Gateway Foundation is always here to help, no matter the time or season. 
Since 1968 our goal has been straightforward: help clients get their life back on track and achieve a life of sobriety, free from drug use and symptoms of mental illness. A life that is productive, socially responsible, and healthy. Gateway Foundation is the largest nonprofit treatment provider in the U.S. specializing in substance use disorders for men, women, adolescents and clients diagnosed with co-occurring mental health disorders. Gateway's professional clinicians support over 6000 people a day to successfully complete treatment by developing a personalized plan to treat the underlying causes of substance use disorder —not just their addiction to drugs or alcohol.

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