What is Career Link?

Career Link is a non-profit organization that has administered federal job training programs in Central Illinois since 1975. Funds are provided through the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) administered by the Federal Department of Labor and the Illinois Department of Commerce. Our mission is to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of our community by linking individuals with employment opportunities through training and services.

Career Link Programs
1. On–the-Job Training (OJT) Assistance- OJT reimburses employers 50% of an eligible new hire’s wages during training. The training period is customized to the skill level of the job position and the experience of the applicant. The job must pay at least $11.44 per hour and be full time with benefits. A contract with Career Link must be signed BEFORE the eligible individual is hired.

2. Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) Assistance- IWT helps employers upgrade the skills of their current workforce. IWT can reimburse employers between 50-100% of training costs when a percentage match is paid by the company (in the form of employee wages) during training. The size of the match depends on the size of the company. For example, if training per individual costs $1,000, the employer’s match would be $500 wages to that individual during the training period. The employer would be reimbursed $1,000 per individual upon completion of the planned training. To be considered an “incumbent worker,” the employee must have worked for the employer at least six months. A contract with Career Link must be signed BEFORE the start of the training.

3. Recruitment Assistance - Career Link is an excellent resource for recruiting from entry-level to highly skilled workers. We post job ads in our eight public Career Resource Centers and email them to over 170 contacts at community agencies throughout Central Illinois. Reduce the traffic in your lobby by making Career Link your point of contact for job seekers. We distribute several employers’ job applications in our Career Resource Centers and mail the completed forms to the companies. Career Link hosts mini-job fairs called Career Connections in our public Career Resource Centers. Let us do the advertising, organizing and setting up; just show up and meet with job seekers!

For more information, contact Norm Griffin at 309-321-0255 or ngriffin@careerlink16.com or Dona Nanney at 309-807-1375 or dnanney@careerlink16.com. 

Equal Opportunity Employer/Program  Auxiliary aids & services available upon request to Individuals with disabilities.


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