Dynegy Commits to Air Quality Plan for Peoria Area

Illinois Power Holdings (a subsidiary of Dynegy) with Illinois State Senator David Koehler (District 46) and Illinois State Representative Mike Unes (District 91), announced today a voluntary Memorandum of Agreement, executed with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA), that will reduce allowable emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2) from the E. D. Edwards Power Station by more than 90%. The agreement, already effective, will help the Greater Peoria area comply with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (USEPA) 1-hour SO2 National Ambient Air Quality Standard.

“We are committed to the Greater Peoria communities and the environment, and are proud of our contributions to the economic vitality of our communities,” said Ted Lindenbusch, Plant Managing Director at the Edwards Power Station. “We are voluntarily taking environmentally sound steps forward and continuing to provide the jobs that are vital to the economic livelihoods of the families and communities we serve.”

Under this agreement the Edwards Power Station will continue to utilize low sulfur coal, or other low sulfur fuels, to reduce SO2 emissions. Emissions from the station have been dramatically reduced over the past 10 years. SO2 emissions have gone down by 80% since 2004 and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions have declined by 68%.

“Today’s agreement shows Dynegy’s commitment to improving the environmental conditions of Central Illinois while continuing to provide excellent jobs to its residents,” said State Representative Unes. “Edwards is an important part of our community, providing not only energy, but also high quality jobs and $82 million in total economic activity that powers our communities. I applaud this proactive environmental strategy by Dynegy and for their willingness to further commit to our regional economy in Central Illinois.”

Dynegy has previously taken active steps to reduce its environmental impact, investing $2 billion in environmental controls in facilities across Illinois and recently announcing a goal to recycle 100% of coal combustion by-products by 2020.

“By taking another step in this commitment, Dynegy is ensuring that the Peoria area is quickly moving toward attainment of federal standards,” said State Senator Dave Koehler. “As a responsible community partner and neighbor, Dynegy is committed to working with the Greater Peoria community. We are glad to see that Dynegy continues to push forward in controlling emissions even when it limits operation options that could be more profitable in the short term.”

The Edwards Power Station has been a proud part of the Greater Peoria community for over 50 years, providing jobs and electricity in a safe, efficient, reliable, environmentally responsible and affordable manner.

“The Edwards Power Station is an extremely important part of the community, supporting over 70 union jobs and contributing $24M annually in household earnings, directly to the Greater Peoria area,” stated Jim Bates, Business Manager of I.B.E.W. Local 51. “The people employed at the plant are our family members and neighbors and the dollars they spend are going right into our communities; that’s money that is having a direct, positive impact on our area.”

“Dynegy is an important and responsible employer in our community,” agreed Marty Helfers, Executive Director of West Central Illinois Building and Construction Trades Council. “The 100 direct and nearly 300 indirect jobs created by its Edwards Power Station are essential to families, communities and businesses throughout Illinois, while also providing environmentally responsible, reliable and affordable energy to the area.”


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