Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday: Best/Simplest Strategy to Keep Your Inbox Empty

Managing the volume of emails you receive each day can be a challenge.  We're talking about real, business-related emails, not spam (that's a whole different topic and strategy).

Here's the best and simplest strategy to keep your inbox empty:  Don't reply to emails unless it's important.

We've all seen it.  You receive an email and you send a reply (maybe even a "reply to all").  Then you receive replies to your reply, which require you to send another reply, which generates more responses.  More replies, more responses, and it continues all day.  It's true - emails breed emails. 

People will not consider you impolite if you do not acknowledge every email they send you.  In fact, they should be grateful you don't!

And if you must reply to an email, stop and consider if it is really necessary to "reply to all" or just a reply to the sender.

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