Tuesday, April 19, 2011

“DALA”- Passages Hospice Robot Brings New Life to Treating Dementia

On April 20th at 10:00 a.m. Passages Hospice will launch their new pet seal, “DALA” at Hallmark House Nursing Center.  The DALA therapeutic robot looks, feels and sounds like a baby seal.  It will coo when you pet it and cry when you squeeze it too hard.  It knows its name, and the sound of your voice.  It can easily be mistaken for a real animal, and that’s the point.

DALA is being used to treat dementia patients who have difficulty communicating with their loved ones and caregivers.  Studies have shown that uncommunicative patients may respond to animals more easily than to humans.  DALA offers all the comfort of a pet without the risk or mess.

“Hallmark partnered with Passages Hospice three years ago, and our residents have experienced Passages sincere compassion, unrivaled palliative care, and now advanced high tech patient-centered therapies,” said Lynn Brady, Administrator of Hallmark House. 

Passages Hospice is the only hospice provider in the United States currently using this technology.  You are cordially invited to see first hand how this unique robot operates, and becomes a friend to those with special needs.

“DALA is islantic for brightness and light.”

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