Illinois American Water Announces Winners of “Imagine a Day Without Water” Art Contest

This October, Illinois American Water invited 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classrooms within the Company’s service area to participate in an “Imagine a Day Without Water” art contest.  The contest was held in conjunction with the Value of Water Coalition’s national event to raise awareness about the value of water service.

“It’s hard to imagine even just one day without water. We need water to make a cup of coffee, grow fruits and vegetables, and manufacture nearly every product we use in our daily lives. While essential, few people understand the fundamental value of water and the systems that bring water to and from homes and businesses all day, every day,” said Bruce Hauk, president of Illinois American Water.

Artwork was received from across the state and winners include:
-  "With no water houses will burn down" by Ruby Pruitt, 5th grader at St. Ambrose Grade School in Godfrey
- "This is what happens with and without water" by Savindi Devmal, 4th Grader at Robeson Elementary School in Champaign
- "No one lives without water" by Carly Clemens, 4th Grader at St. John the Baptist School in Winfield
- "A day without water will cause farmers to lose their crops" by Grace Elizabeth Vahlkamp, 4th Grader at Signal Hill Grade School in Belleville
- "Houses will catch on fire and firefighters will not have water to put them out" by Riley Cady – 3rd Grader at LE Starke Primary School in Pekin
- "No new flowers, no new life and lots of thirst" by Faith Randall – 5th Grader at St Jude Catholic School in Peoria
- "No water means we can't do a lot of daily tasks" by Hailey Bielema – 4th Grader at Washington Elementary School in Sterling
- "A day without water means a lot of things you do is a lot of things you can't do" by Alexa Jacobs – 4th Grader at Sherman Elementary School in Streator

The winning artwork can be viewed on Illinois American Water’s Facebook page and will be featured in a future bill inserts.  The winning students also won their classroom  $100 donation.  


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