Tech Tip Tuesday: 3 Tips to Help Others Manage Their Inbox

Is your inbox stuffed every day?  You don't like it and neither do the recipients of your emails.  Help them manage their inbox with the following tips:

  1. Write a succinct subject line.
  2. Keep your emails brief and concise.  Get right to the point.    You can still be polite and use good grammar, but think of your email as a 140-character text.
  3. If you don't want to count characters, count sentences.  Below your brief signature line, add the text, "Why is this email five sentences or less?" and link it to:  That webpage explains your personal policy to keep emails brief.  It excuses your brevity and absolves you of your guilt.  If you want to be really brief, there area also pages for four, three and two sentence versions. 


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