Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pekin Hospital Honors Employees at 54th Annual Service Awards Dinner

Ninety four Pekin Hospital and ProHealth Inc. employees were recently honored at the 54th Annual Service Awards Dinner held at the Pekin Moose Lodge on March 20. Employees honored have more than 1,100 years total service to Pekin Hospital and ProHealth Inc.

Employees and their years of service are as follows:

45 Years:
Lois Bale

35 Years:
Brenda Holt, Jo Ellen Patterson, Carol Urban, Pat Vandeschraaf

30 Years:
Lynn Candler, Carla Henderson, Becky Keen

25 Years:
Priscilla Culp, Janet Fields, Cathy Mitchell, Holly Pogioli

20 Years:
Lyb Collier, Beth Dralle, Toni Faught, Brenda Fosdick, Tobi Sondag

15 Years:
Joni Barth, Cheryl Cockerham, Tami Cook, Karen Cusac, Lori Draeger, Stacy Eichorn, Rachel Haynes, Mary Ingram, Dawn Klaasen, Treena Kleinman, Brandon Klokkenga, Aaron Radcliff, Beth Seidel, Linda Turney, Tonya Uselton, Kimberly Woods

10 Years:
Elaine Barnes, Randy Barth, Suzanne Behle, Susan Belsley, Mike Bingham, Cathy Blake, Tammy Buchanan, Linda Carter, Ann Davis, Melissa Gregory, Tina Gregory, Sheri Guede, Audrey Hasse, Jenny Johannes, Brooke Lanan, Marcella Lovell, Alyssa Pilgrim, Felecia Serna, Clarice Spangler, Stephanie Stephens, Boo Taylor, Kim Thompson

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2 – Pekin Hospital Honors Employees

Five Years: 

Sherry Arbuckle, Amanda Babin, Rob Baughman, Marcy Becker, Sarah Boyd, Kent Bradsher, Becky Cosentine, Rusty Counterman, Lisa Davis, Laurie Deal, Diane Decker, Kim Eccles, Paula Eleam, Russell Farden, Jennifer Friend, Ashley Hamm, Nicole Hartzler, Christa Ingolia, Becky Joiner, Nate Kellenberger, Monica Kinsey, Jume Maksuwon, Karen McCloud, Kim McKinney, Ann McNamara, John Olejnik, Stacy Redmon, Susan Rushing, Larry Rynearson, Mallory Schielein, Debbie Schlobohm-McKenny, Mary Sendelbach, Stephanie Snook, Mike Southwood, Trish Stewart, Katie Thorne, Tamara Weeks, Carolyn Wetter, Diana Wilson

2012 Pillar Award winners were also announced that evening. On an annual basis, Pekin Hospital recognizes employees, physicians, and entire departments for their efforts in promoting the mission of improving the health and well-being of our community and to do so with love, compassion, and extraordinary medical care. To achieve the mission, Pekin Hospital focuses on the Five Pillars of Excellence. The following individuals have been recognized for making significant contributions toward better serving our patients and for achieving excellence in one of the five pillars:

People Pillar Award
Department: Surgery
Physician: Jamaluddin Amanullah, M.D.
Employee: Autumn LandiVittori

Service Pillar Award
Department: Facilities Management
Physician: Rhodora Lee Ho, M.D.
Employee: Matt Klopp

Quality Pillar Award
Department: Food Service
Physician: Yves Makhoul, M.D.
Employee: Julie Barth

Growth Pillar Award
Department: Information Technology
Physician: Reginald Bowman, D.O.
Employee: Ryan Morris

Finance Pillar Award
Department: Inpatient Pharmacy
Physician: Eric Reinertson, M.D.
Employee: Tammy Hintz

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