Liberation Software Offers Chamber Discounts

Liberation Software is proud to offer Information Technology Security Assessment and Risk Mitigation Analysis for local businesses of any size. This three-step analysis is designed to create a System Development Life Cycle for companies and determine any and all potential threats to Information Technology assets. Many businesses in the area currently have disaster plans for their physical assets and personnel, however very few have any sort of plan in place for their data and technology. This analysis is conducted in three phases consisting of an initial on-site assessment, the development of a detailed plan of action and finally a pro-active follow-up to ensure that the plan is serving the client as effectively as possible.

Liberation Software conducts the analysis on an outsourced basis and provides priority support for all clients from their Pekin offices through both on-site consultation as well as remote consultation using the latest in remote assistance software packages. Analysis sessions typically take a single day and are unobtrusive. Risk Mitigation Reports are provided to the client within 72 hours after the conclusion of the Assessment along with an Executive Summary of all recommended courses of action.

Now, more than ever, is the time for businesses to conduct an in-depth audit of their Information Technology assets and ensure that even in the worst of scenarios their business is protected from risk and able to operate with the strictest of contingencies. Best of all the service if fully tax deductible and offers a significant return on your investment. Whether you have one employee or one million, this analysis is an invaluable asset when planning your business future.

Pekin Chamber of Commerce members are also being offered a 20% discount on the flat-rated cost of the Assessment and Report if their session is scheduled by the end of the year. Flat-rate Assessment pricing is based on the size of the company and is as follows:

1-15 employees $500 $400 for Chamber Members
16-50 employees $1,000 $800 for Chamber Members
51-100 employees $2,500 $2000 for Chamber Members
100-200 employees $5,000 $4000 for Chamber Members
200+ employees CALL FOR A QUOTE

Contact Liberation Software at 1 (877) 266-8917 or


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