Gateway: Voices of Recovery

Recovery is a lifelong process that requires continued focus, support and commitment. Treatment ends, but our support does not. Our alumni benefit from ongoing alumni support, social activities and educational programming to help empower and support recovery, for life.

It is important to share and celebrate all of the work our alumni have put in on their journey to lifelong recovery. Our alumni all have an incredible story to share. We’ve complied some of their stories, including the one below:

A Never-ending Journey

"The trouble didn’t come all at once. Craig had a family he loved and a job he cared about. From the outside, life seemed pretty good. But too often, it didn’t feel that way to Craig. In his mind, he was stagnant.

“My life felt really small,” he says.

He drank, and although he considered his drinking recreational, he would occasionally embarrass himself or upset others while intoxicated. Expecting a change to shake him from his doldrums, Craig accepted a company transfer and moved his family to another state.

“It didn’t solve anything,” he says. Craig’s drinking escalated over time. After a few family run-ins, he swore off alcohol for a while and even looked up an old friend in the area who agreed to go with him to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

When the situation only worsened, Craig’s solution was to get out of town and move back to the Midwest. But he only continued to struggle.

Between work and home, it was like a ‘What else is there?’ kind of thing,” Craig says. “I was extremely depressed, drinking at work during the day. Things were not good.”

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About Gateway Foundation
Since 1968 our goal has been straightforward: to help clients get their life back on track and achieve a life of sobriety, free from drug use and symptoms of mental illness, that is productive, socially responsible, and healthy. Gateway Foundation is the largest nonprofit treatment provider in the country that specializes in the treatment of substance use disorders, providing treatment for men, women, adolescents, and clients diagnosed with co-occurring mental health disorders.

Gateway's professional clinicians help thousands of individuals successfully complete treatment by developing a personalized plan that treats the underlying causes of substance abuse—not just addiction to drugs or alcohol.

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