Goodwill of Central Illinois, in conjunction with The General Wayne A Downing Foundation, has completed its Patriot Weekend. Festivities included Reception of Honor, Forward March & Run and Stand Down for Homeless Veterans. Each event honored our veterans and raised funds for their continued support. Goodwill’s Reception of Honor was held on Friday, October 10, 2014 and recognized local veterans and supporters of local veterans.

The Veteran Patriot Award, sponsored by The Wyman Group, was presented to J. Ryan Hubbard.
The Citizen Patriot Award, sponsored by Vonachen Services, went to Lesley Matuszak.
The Military Patriot Award, sponsored by P.J. Hoerr, was given to Captain Daniel Curtin.
The Business/Association Patriot Award, sponsored by Lincoln Office, was presented to
The Greater Peoria Honor Flight.
The General Wayne A. Downing Award was given to one of the four Patriot Award winners. J. Ryan Hubbard was presented with this honor.

Saturday, October 11, 2014 saw 250 runners and marchers participate in Goodwill’s Forward March & Run. The event, held at Dozer Park, consisted of a one mile march, a four mile run or an eight mile run. Proceeds from the race will go to fund Goodwill’s Veterans’ Services Program.
Following the race, 171 homeless veterans were served at Goodwill’s Stand Down for Homeless Veterans, also held at Dozer Park. Goodwill, along with other social service agencies, local businesses, and veterans’ services organizations, provided homeless veterans with food, winter clothing, personal hygiene products, information on services available to them, and an opportunity for a meal, a hot shower and a haircut.
“It was an entire weekend devoted to our veterans and showing our appreciation for their service. We wish never to take our freedom for granted and it’s events like these that make sure we don’t”, said Patty Fuchs, Goodwill President & CEO.


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